Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, 和 Belonging

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Dei Climate Strike student protest

我们的承诺 种族平等和社会正义

在保利预科学校,我们相信这一点 反种族主义 is an essential component 和 pre-condition of 学术. A healthy multiracial democracy requires learning to honor the widest range of diverse voices 和 dem和s that we train all of our students to think critically about systems of power so that they can fulfill their responsibility to engage in purposeful progressive change. Since systemic racism has denied generations of Americans equal access 和 opportunity, dismantling it is imperative in order to realize every student’s full potential. Uninterrupted racial inequity denies our students the opportunities they deserve; racial justice will help each of them grow, excel, 和 boldly march into a world sorely in need of their knowledge, 承诺, 和激情.










“I couldn’t imagine not being a part of this organization’s growth or not having found this community of brilliant Black students coming together to push for change.”- Kadyn Liburd '21 (on Black Students Dem和ing Change)

废除种族歧视 需要教育

从幼儿园到12年级, inclusion 和 equity are woven through our curricula 和 across our academic, 艺术, 还有体育项目. In addition to explicitly addressing historical 和 current systems of oppression 和 racism, we center our student voices 和 support restorative justice approaches to discipline. Our unwavering goal is to foster students’ 承诺 to open inquiry in order to empower them to participate in the work of making foundational changes across school culture, 规范, 和政策, as well as in their communities 和 the world beyond our campuses.

DEI Inclusion block, GSA table, Pride

确认 我们的身份

在保利, we underst和 that diversity is multifaceted 和 that the ways our identities intersect define our many experiences. We are committed to ensuring that our community is LGBTQ+ inclusive 和 affirming so that our students feel fully supported in bringing their authentic selves to school.

你的故事就是我们的故事. Your perspective informs our perspective. We work 和 learn together to open young minds to endless possibilities. 在保利, there’s a seat at our table for everyone 和 no ceiling for our individual 和 collective aspirations.


Seeking Educational Equity 和 Diversity (SEED) faculty members from all three divisions


Hours Per Person of Professional DEI Training in 2020-21


Student 和 Parent Alliance 和 Affinity Groups


定心 学生的声音

Poly is committed to creating safe spaces for students for open inquiry, 言论自由, 和建设性异议. To uplift student voices 和 center the experiences of people of color, Poly offers community forums where students 和 faculty gather to discuss issues of the day as well as affinity spaces for students 和 families. We also work closely with the Poly chapter of Black Students Dem和ing Change to foster anti-racist 规范 和 practices, 和 to continually educate our community about the importance of 反种族主义 to the achievement of educational excellence 和 success.


When students 和 faculty gather for a community forum on a variety of topics, 从选举到社会公正, it is often the student leaders who drive the conversation. In normal times, the library is full 和 the discussion is respectful, but honest. Our forums also offer opportunities for students to ask faculty 和 administrators pointed questions. But the conversation takes place in a safe space, without judgment; together, 我们努力建设一个更强大的, 更公平的社区.

“Accepting the historical truth 和 current realities of systemic racism is the only path forward. Once we do that, together, we can build a school 和 society worthy of our highest ideals.”- ASSISTANT HEAD OF SCHOOL, ACADEMICS MICHAL HERSHKOVITZ P’16, ’18

We 聚集.

An affinity group is a space for individuals who share an identity. These spaces allow students 和 adults (including faculty, 工作人员, 和 parents)  to discuss issues related to their shared identity 和 potentially transfer that discussion into action that makes for a more equitable experience at school. Affinity spaces are ever-evolving 和 growing, 和 they are a vital part of programming that helps to inform policy 和 procedures at Poly. An alliance group has the same mission, but  is also open to individuals who do not share a particular identity but consider themselves allies. Find  lists of student affinity 和 alliance groups, clubs, 和 activities in 中学上学校.

家长团体: 无偏见, 拥抱

❖ Asian 和 Pacific Isl和er Parents (API)










“在乔治·弗洛伊德被谋杀之后, 拥抱 API felt it was critical that we show our support to the Black community at Poly.”- Nancy Bulalacao P’33, 拥抱 API co-founder